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  Our Dream Team versus On Line Travel Companies  

We offer a much different experience from On Line Travel (OTC) companies.  First of all, we are travel agents, not just booking agents.  When you contact an on line travel company you should imagine you have an apple and a lottery ticket.  You have one bite at the apple with them.  They will never call you when prices or promotions are better than the one you have.  You must monitor and call them!  We monitor rates and promotions from the day you book until finla payment and beyond.

Also, as far as the lottery ticket, the day you call and book from an on line travel company you must believe you hit upon the lowest price and best promotions that will ever be.  That is simply not the case.  I have altered rates up to 3 times after initial booking.  This allow you to book early and get a better cabin selection while knowing you are protected from missing a lower future rate.

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